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6/16/19: Open Game Thread

Can’t get swept, at least

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
When another boy has a dinger
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Mariners traded off the most objectively fun thing remaining on the 2019 team when they sent Edwin Encarnación away to the Yankees in (re) return for teenage pitcher Juan Then. It was a move fans had been expecting since before the season began, but it doesn’t make it easier to bid the parrot and its master adieu, although I do look forward to bandwagoning the Yankees when they face the Astros in the playoffs.

The Mariners went on to get thoroughly waxed in yesterday’s contest, 11-2. Or was it 11-1? 14-4? 15-3? At some point the blowout losses all blur together. Today Mike Leake will take the hill and try to improve his trade stock so he too may make like a bird and fly far, far away from here.

In other news, Ryon Healy remains down:

Reason to watch this game: Austin Nola is 29 years old and finally getting a chance to make his major-league debut after seven and a half years of grinding through the minors. While the losses are frustrating to sit through, a major-league debut is always something special, especially when it’s so long in the making.

Game time: 1:07 PT

Available on: ROOTNW, 710 ESPN, the other usual bat-channels

Game time temp: 60°

Number of balaclavas Mark Canha will wrap around himself: 5