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FanPost Friday: So, you’ve decided to stop following the Mariners

The hell are you gonna do now?

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

(picks up pamphlet at a Seattle area doctor’s office)

So, you’ve decided to check out. It’s okay! We all do it sometimes. Some do it for years at a time! Losing isn’t fun. Missing the playoffs for 17 seasons in a row isn’t fun. You may have found yourself experiencing a general feeling of malaise and apathy. So, what can you do instead?

Studies have shown that taking a step back from the Mariners (who are also taking a step back from good baseball) can have a positive impact on your mental health and general outlook.

Prompt: What will you do this summer if you’re not following the Mariners?

Here are some fun suggestions from a panel of experts*:

  • Get really into kayaking!
  • Bouldering?
  • Rollerblade around Green Lake!
  • Go to the Tacoma Glass Museum!
  • Rollerblade along Ruston way!
  • Get really into Italian cinema!
  • Knit a scarf for the long winter ahead!
  • Or just focus on the minors? The Everett AquaSox open their short season on the road today and they will definitely be letting the kids play. That’s potentially fun!

Anyways, submit what you’ll be doing this summer in the form of a FanPost and be as creative, bitter, flippant, and/or absurd as you want to be. We’ll front page the best ones over the weekend.

*No actual studies were consulted for this “humorous” piece

*The panel is me, Eric Sanford