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5/9/19: Open Game Thread

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Mike Leake doesn’t use pine tar, he just rubs board wax on that thing.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees
Hello little friend
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

One day after sticking it to the Yankees in a major way, the Mariners face an old friend on the hill in J.A. Happ, looking for a series win. Finally off the pine is Braden Bishop, whose brief call-up may be coming to a close soon with Mallex Smith tearing it up in Tacoma, but today he’ll start against the lefty. The Mariners got a grip on an above-.500 record again yesterday but, amidst their longest east coast road trip of the year, they’ll need a lot to go right to stay there today. Mike Leake + Yankee Stadium = a sticky situation for Seattle, and odds are they’ll need a big offensive showing once again.

Game Time: 3:35 PM PT
Radio: 710 AM ESPN
Online: MLB.TV