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5/7/19: Open Game Thread

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If lefties are crafty are righties artsy?

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners

After losing game one in the child’s backyard known as Yankee Stadium, the Mariners will pin their hopes on their ace this afternoon. Despite yielding seven runs, Félix Hernández managed to make it through five innings and kept the Mariners bullpen relatively fresh. Hopefully that will pair with a strong Marco Gonzales outing to deliver better results against Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees. Tanaka has oscillated between ace and dinger-dinged dependable starter in his MLB career, and over a month into 2019, aside from a few extra free passes, he is right in line with nearly all his career numbers. K% around 22-24%, BB% below 8%, HR/FB% above 16% - the final number surely impacted by the matchbox stadium he calls home. The M’s are a three-true-outcome offense this year, making them a potentially deadly matchup for Tanaka if they can follow Jay Bruce’s lead and elevate & celebrate.

Somewhat surprisingly, Tom Murphy gets the start here over Narváez. Whether it’s merely a normal cadence of rest or a strategic matchup is uncertain, but Narv’s almost comical uppercut swing would seem well designed for Tanaka and Yankee Stadium. Instead we’ll likely see Narv tomorrow against Jonathan Loaisaga, and then Murphy once more against JA Happ on Thursday.

Game Time: 3:35 PM PT, sure
Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle
Online: MLB.TV