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5/5/19: Open Game Thread

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would love to not get swept


Hey y’all. It’s time for another Mariners game.

After today, regardless of the outcome, the Mariners don’t have to return to Cleveland until next season. That is both good and fun because I don’t think Cleveland is all that enjoyable and the city’s baseball team has been very mean to the Mariners.

Rookie starting pitcher Erik Swanson will attempt to be a human tourniquet today. He makes the fourth start of his big-league career, and second against Cleveland, a squad he handled fairly easily the first time. While Swanson has allowed 10 earned runs and thrown four home run balls in his last two starts, his outing against Cleveland on April 17 was excellent. On that day he went six innings and surrendered just two hits, striking out five hitters and walking zero. Like Yusei Kikuchi on Friday, Swanson is hoping that his second look at Cleveland can yield even better results.

Offensively, the Mariners trot out three rookies (Daniel Vogelbach somehow still has rookie eligibility) in support of their rookie pitcher. Vogey also gets to try his hand at first base today as EE covers designated hitter duties. Cody Anderson takes the ball for the red and blue team. The 28-year-old has just five innings under his belt this season, all of which came out of the bullpen. His promotion to the big-league roster happened literally hours ago at the expense of infielder Max Moroff. Given the fact that this was supposed to be Trevor Bauer’s day, the Mariners dodged a bloody drone on this one.

I’ll be looking for the M’s to jump on Anderson early, and if they can’t do that, the club risks going winless against Cleveland in 2019. Barf.


First Pitch: 10:10 a.m. PDT

TV: ROOT Sports NW, mlb.TV for out-of-market viewers

Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB At-Bat app