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18-17: Chart

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the race to .500 ball continues unabated

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
smiling thru the tears
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I hope that if you live in the Seattle area, where today is an absolute sparkler, you didn’t watch this game, and instead went outside and soaked up some joy.

The buildup to the Kentucky Derby: Tim Beckham, .185 WPA

Having to go to the bathroom, missing the entire three-minute race, and returning to the party to find they’re out of mint juleps and derby pie: Connor Sadzeck, -.550 WPA, which is definitely one of the highest marks I’ve seen in a hot minute. Honorable mentions: Jay Bruce (-.191), Domingo Santana (-.156), Omar Narvaez (-.149)

The Mariners hit four dingers and made just one error (although there probably should have been two called on that wacky pickoff-play-gone-awry). File this one under “hollow victories,” I guess.