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5/31/2019: Open Game Thread

*Young Anakin Voice* Now THIS is BASEBALL

Kyle Seager (right) holding a young Jarred Kelenic (left)
Swelmet Twitter

Finally. The game we’ve been waiting for: Mike Leake against Tyler Skaggs. I for one cannot wait to watch these two behemoths of baseball face off under the bright lights at T-Mobile Park.

If the matchup isn’t enticing enough for you, it’s Star Wars/Fireworks night so there are sure to be references and puns to characters you might know and then, later, explosions. I was hoping they would triple-down and make it Bark at the Star Wars Fireworks Park Night but I have been informed dogs do not like Star Wars.

Here are tonight’s (updated) lineups!

Edwin is out because of a dental procedure which I have trouble imagining because his smile is perfect. That means, though, we get to see some Quality Vogelbats against a LHP.

It is still nice to see Kyle Seager back in business at the hot corner and yet saddening to see Shed Long on the bench. Mallex Smith has been playing better the last four games, stealing FIVE bases and only striking out twice while managing to raise his OPS over 55 points (to, uh, .578).

In other news...

The bullpen shuffle continues and Chasen Bradford emerges with David McKay as the sacrificial arm. Bradford’s not been pitching particularly well this season and the long ball has given him fits, but he hasn’t had many innings to try and get back to his acceptable 2018 numbers. Let’s give him some time innings, why not.

Game time: 7:10 PM

Radio: 710 ESPN