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5/30/19: Open Game Thread

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Start Ohtani, Brad Ausmus, you coward

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
when you see the lineups
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

There isn’t a ton to look forward to in today’s Mariners-Angels tilt, two teams that aren’t going anywhere in the 2019 season, but the exciting thing was supposed to be Yusei Kikuchi vs. Shohei Ohtani, a matchup of old friends and camera wells stuffed to the gills. Alas:

I’m pretty sure the Angels, always PR-minded, are just delaying this so the matchup happens on their home turf and they get all the marketing dollars out of it. Remember when they scheduled Ohtani bobblehead night for when the Mariners would be there? Oh, how I hate the Angels. Obviously I want us to #TankForTork or #PlayLikeHellForAustinWells and have a better draft pick than the Angels, but I also very much want to beat the Angels into a pulpy red mess. Confliction!

Game time: 7:05 PM
Radio: 710 ESPN; TV: ROOTNW; Web:
Weather conditions: 73 and sunny, 0% precipitation, wind from the NW 5 mph

Tonight my attention to the game will understandably be divided as top prospect Jarred Kelenic makes his High-A debut in a game started by other top prospect Logan Gilbert, who will be caught by other other top prospect Cal Raleigh. Party in Modesto, y’all.