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Lookout Landing Podcast 74: Draft Prep and Getting a Grip

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The one where we do not do an east coast caricature.

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Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Despite the best efforts of the Mariners and Frontier Airlines, John, Kate, and Matthew have returned to deliver you the hard-hitting analysis you deserve. We join in the lovely Lower Queen Anne bar Solo, which played an amiable host to our record. Whether you interpret that as a kindness or a punishment may vary person to person. On this episode we chat briefly about the abysmal state of the big league club, what has and has not been watchable, and then pivot rapidly to prospects, the draft, and the joys of airports. Matthew brings a game which Kate utterly trounces John in.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

0:00 - 9:00 The Mariners have been hot trash on a tin roof! We discuss our various methods of (dis)engagement with the team and John outlines why you should never fly Frontier Airlines if you can avoid it.

9:00 - 16:05 Matthew goes out on a limb that Marco Gonzales is better than Albert Pujols. We dig in deep on how the defense and rotation could not be a worse pair.

16:05 - 25:10 Kate is thankful the Mariners are not the Rangers, and reminds us this is what rebuilds are. We go hard on our favorite non-Mariners to watch and put together a Home Run Derby for dads. Matthew re-ups his vendetta against Mark Canha and slaps a nickname on Josh Bell.

25:10 - 28:30 Matthew enters his first fugue state of the pod while John and Kate make their case for being a draft/prospects person. It’s fun, we promise!

28:30 - 36:20 GAME TIME. Matthew hosts ‘Draft Prospect or 90s Pop Star’ and Kate wipes the floor with John, as she is trivia master.

36:20 - 53:40 Draft Talk! John and Kate nerd out on their faves (pitchers Daniel Espino and Matthew Allan, as well as OF Jordan Brewer in particular) and address a few rumors on Seattle’s surprising possible shift towards prep shortstops in the first round. We are unimpressed by Volpe’s T-Rex swing.

53:40 - 1:11:59 We address the ways covering the Mariners has changed our relationship with baseball/the Mariners! Kate also outlines the fine art of heckling and we come to some surprisingly positive airport takes.

Music: ’Late Night People’ by Goldfish ft. Soweto Kinch, ‘Yaeji - Raingurl’ by Leon Chang

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