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FanPost Friday: Plan your ideal road trip

Alaaaaaaaaabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas...

Holiday Trip
load up your jalopy and hit the road, skip!
Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Mariners are are off on a 10 day East Coast road trip.

/Blowers voice: “Oh, boy.”

If you were planning your own road trip and trying to see a bunch of Mariners games (or just any baseball games) along the way, where would you?

Plan your ideal road trip!

Would you start from home or fly to a specific region and start from there? How about trip around the minors? Maybe a tour around the Cal League or the Sally League and do some first-hand amateur scouting? Have you ever wanted to get real ambitious and pull off one of those road trips people do where they hit every single MLB park? Tell us where you’d start and how you’d do it.

Tell us about your daydream-worthy baseball road trips in a FanPost and we’ll front page the the best posts over the weekend.