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5/29/19: Open Game Thread

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The soggigal returns. Plus, an injury update.

World Baseball Classic - Pool F - Game 2 - Venezuela v United States Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Yesterday’s game was a disaster in every way, shape, and form. Today the Mariners awake without their promising young shortstop, albeit a shade less disastrously than initially thought. After a dismal looking injury, J.P. Crawford and the Mariners received some relatively good news.

In fairness, “not a bad sprain” is still grisly.

So Crawford is IL-bound. In his place is UTIL Dylan Moore, who will not be called on to do too much with Shed Long, Tim Beckham, and Kyle Seager all able to be versatile. Today we get another round of The Opener with the Rangers, with Jose LeClerc on the hill to lead and Drew Smyly to follow. It will functionally be Smyly’s first start in Seattle since being traded to the Mariners, and I am honestly curious what the response will be like. The Mariners are going minimal on lefties, though Shed Long will still get the start over the jet-lagged Moore.

Game Time: 12:40 PM PT
Radio: 710 AM ESPN
Online: MLB.TV