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FanPost Friday: Make up a cocktail or mocktail based on a 2019 Seattle Mariner

Please play mixologist responsibly

Scott Podsednik
I typed “Seattle Mariners beer” into the photo tool and it gave me Scott Podsednik getting a beer in the face in Anaheim. On brand as ever.
Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

We at LL do not condone the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism for bad Mariners baseball. It is just a game, afterall, and should be taken with an appropriate sized grain of salt compared to the bigger picture of life in general. But, we all know as humans, sometimes overindulging happens. Also, sometimes having an alcoholic beverage while watching baseball just feels right, whether it’s a cold beer on a hot day or some bourbon when the game has gone 13 innings on a Saturday night. Just, you know, enjoy responsibly.

That said, here’s your prompt!

Make up a cocktail or mocktail based on a 2019 Seattle Mariner!

I hope y’all are feeling creative because this could be a fun one. I encourage usage of photos and/or terrible photoshops for your FanPost responses. I’m envisioning drinks involving parrots, ingredients from Florida, and probably a fair amount of trash liquor like Fireball and Malibu rum. List all your ingredients so folks can attempt to replicate your drink if they feel inspired. Feel free to go the non-alcoholic route, too! Minors, pregnant women, and abstainers will appreciate it.

Have some fun with it and we’ll front page the best FanPosts over the weekend. Cheers, y’all.