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FanPost Friday: Your favorite Nelson Cruz moment

The Boomstick is back in town

no, sir, we tip OUR hat to YOU
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Nelson Cruz is back in Seattle this weekend for the first time since signing with the Minnesota Twins as a free agent. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Cruz as a player and as a stand-up human being who uses his status and financial means for good in his home country of the Dominican Republic. Cruz outperformed every expectation I had for him as a Seattle Mariner and memorably put the team on his back and did everything he could to will the team into the playoffs down the stretch in 2016. As Mariners fans, we haven’t seen very many right-handed power hitters with a four-year run of making home run hitting look so effortless and confident in Seattle.

As much as I believe the team has gone in the direction it needed to and for how much I’m enjoying all the shiny new prospects, it’s still hard to parse parting ways with Nelson Cruz. I’m so glad he found a team that wanted him and that he is right back at his usual production, further giving the finger to Father Time. May Nelson Cruz hit Dingers forever and ever.

Here’s your prompt!

What’s your favorite Nelson Cruz moment?

Cruz has library’s worth of highlights as a Mariner. Matthew made a handy list of some of his top moments. But what about some forgotten, smaller moments? Things he did as a teammate that made the team better? Go deep on this one!

Submit your favorite moment as a FanPost and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend.

UPDATE: The Mariners just posted their tribute video to Cruz that was played after the first innings at Thursday’s game. FEELINGS!

Also, turns out we will not, in fact, see Cruz at the plate this weekend.