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5/12/19: Open Game Thread

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There should be more teams named after clothing

1991 MLB All-Star Game: Batting Practice Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Today, instead of doing that thing where they lose by a whole bunch of runs, or that thing where they take an early lead and then kindly give it back to the other team, I hope the Mariners can just put together a normal win.

On paper, they stand a decent chance of doing that, as Marco Gonzales takes the hill for Seattle. Marco has been very good for the last 13 months or so, and is currently in the top ten of American League pitchers in fWAR. His opponent, Hector Velázquez, is not as good as Marco. Velázquez has served mostly as the Red Sox opener this season with some mop up relief action mixed in as well. In his five “starts”, the righthander has reached the fourth inning just one time. When used as a starter/opener in 2019, Velázquez has a 4.40 ERA and seven walks in 14.1 innings.

Heading into this series, when the Red Sox listed their Sunday starter as TBA, today’s game seemed like the most winnable. That remains the case with Velázquez on the rubber, as he does not have a starter’s pedigree, a track record of success against this Mariner lineup, or particularly exciting stuff. He does have a neck tattoo, though. So who knows?

Regardless of Sunday’s outcome, the Mariners will have a cross-country flight after the game, returning them to their magenta palace in SoDo. I’m sure the players, coaches, media, and fans surrounding the team would all prefer that flight to be happy and good-spirited rather than morose and beaten down.

All that stands in their way is a green monster, some red socks, and possibly Mother Nature.


First Pitch: 10:10 a.m. PDT (maybe)

TV: ROOT Sports NW, mlb.TV for out-of-market viewers

Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB At-Bat app