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5/1/19: Open Game Thread

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Just some sorta local boys makin noise.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Seattle Mariners
Kick back relax everybody do that dino...snax
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Two southpaws with Northwest ties and fastballs losing velocity rapidly will take center stage as the Mariners try to right the ship. Why is this getaway game at 3:40 PM PT? Great question. For the answer we’ll go to this empty room in T-Mobile Park, wait, there’s nothing here, why is the door locked, oh nooo-

Notably, we’ll get Daniel Vogelbach starting against a lefty, as well as the second straight start for Braden Bishop as the M’s face a rash of lefties this week and the next. The Cubs won’t be back in Seattle likely for another couple years, so this will be the last chance to put a hurting on the lately-less-than-Lovable Losers.

Game Time: 3:40 PM PT
Radio: 710 AM ESPN
Online: MLB.TV