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Lookout Landing Podcast 71: Daniel Vogelbach’s War on Baseballs

The majestic greatness of a team of absolute units.

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Kate, John, and Matthew are in awe of the size of these leads. With a soon-to-be 10-2 ballclub and a Rainiers game in the background, we attempt to find words for what has been one of the most surprising starts in Mariners history.

0 - 6:00: In honor of the Mariners’ bold decision to be the best team in baseball, Kate mixes up a famous Atlanta musical group with a tasty Latin breakfast dish, we discuss the film Free Solo, which Matthew recently enjoyed, and the naturally tall John deems horror content.

6:00 - 16:20: We marvel at... **gestures in all directions**. Seriously, y’all. Kate accepts the glory of dingers into her heart, and we discuss the many changes we’ve seen in approaches that have helped the M’s take the league by storm in the early going. Kate and Matthew generate the highly scientific Eeyore-to-Tigger scale to track Ryon Healy’s offensive mindset.

16:20 - 24:00: So... are they for real? And is the word “playoffs” something we should consider? We chuckle at the mess that the rest of the American League has been so far before and delight in the way the new arrivals have overtaken the vibe of this Mariners season. Kate also talks some smack about Dylan Moore, who appeared to have heard a pre-release of this episode.

24:00 - 1:00:47: Weaving listener questions in, we discuss a variety of good problems to have. How long of a West Virginia vacation can we send Kyle Seager if this team still is tearing it up in June? Will Jay Bruce and Edwin Encarnación stick around if they stay hot, and which will be the first to go? We fix baseball scheduling and issue an ultimatum to the Midwest. John comes to a hearty defense of Mitch Haniger, who has looked only like a well above-average hitter among the rest of this lineup of demigods. Oh, and of course, VOGEYYY!

Music: No Words by Big Wild; A-HA//KENDRICK LAMAR - Take on Backseat (n04h Mashup) by n04h

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