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FanPost Friday: How would you fix MLB scheduling?

Season openers at home for life to the Seattle Mariners, obviously

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

MLB scheduling has seemed less than ideal for many years, particularly so for the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are the furthest west team and the most geographically sequestered away from other teams, so they perennially end up being in the top five ranking of most miles flown by all MLB teams and most recently were number one in 2016.

This week, in the second full week of baseball, we had the displeasure of two consecutive off days in a row to due to bad midwestern weather. Heard that one before, right? Weird how exactly zero of the AL Central teams have roofs on their stadium. Weird how this happens every single season and throws off the schedule for multiple teams every season. If only there was a way to have these AL Central teams play in stadiums where rainouts never or rarely happen. Huh.

Anyways, from 1982 to 2004, a husband and wife duo did all the scheduling for the entire league. In 2005, the league switched over to a computer program and tried to optimize more randomized outcomes for scheduling. Many have argued, and this also lines up with my own experience, that scheduling has been notably worse since taking the human element out (hello robot umps, I’m still on your side).

Another example of the poor and somehow more unfair yet randomized scheduling is how the Mariners opened on the road for 6 seasons in a row, 2009 through 2014. When they finally opened at home in 2015, it felt like we’d won a raffle prize or something as fans. Then, of course, it was back on the road again for 2016.

So, my prompt!

How would YOU fix MLB scheduling?

How would you make it more fair and equitable in terms of travel schedules while also trying to honor certain team, player, and stadium milestones? You got a formula? Have a theory? Tell us what a purely homer-rific pro-Mariners schedule you’d make. Or do you just want to tackling it all yourself like Holly and Henry Stephenson did.

Tell us all about it in a FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.