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Lookout Landing Podcast 72: Live from the Irish Pub

In which we sacrifice some audio quality for some soda bread and Guinness

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Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
love u 4eva shawn
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This week we sacrifice some audio quality for the spontaneity of recording an in-person pod at an unnamed Local Irish Bar to talk the latest happenings in Mariners-land and answer some listener questions.

0 - 8:00: The gang gets their Irish bona fides out of the way and catches up with where the team is on their first off day in over two weeks. Kate points out that both Houston and Cleveland brought their A-games to Seattle, but everyone agrees the Astros proved they’re still the class of the division. John discusses the Mariners’ propensity to take close pitches and offensive strategy at the plate and why that might have backfired against pitchers whose last names rhyme with Beerhander.

8:00 - 17:00: The gang ponders how sustainable the many runs/bad bullpen strategy is, and marvel over the fact that the team never feels out of it, including a sleepy game against the Angels on Easter Sunday. Kate points out the injuries that have felled some of the more reliable members of the bullpen, and John reminds everyone that the players who have failed in losses are most likely not long-term pieces for the team’s future. Anthony Swarzak’s questionable stylistic choices are discussed and deemed to be fine as long as he can hit a catcher’s target. Kate spends some time singing the praises of Connor Sadzeck’s latest outing, and Matthew discusses the surprising elite-ness of Brandon Brennan.

17:00 - 26:00: Unfortunately, not everyone who is a long-term piece for the club is playing well. Kate and Matthew pick their most disappointing position player, and John picks the pitcher he’s most disappointed in, and both are some serious bummers.

26:00 - 32:00: On to happier things! Matthew coins the term Ryon-aissance. Kate points out that all students learn differently, and maybe Ryon and Dee just took a little while longer to absorb the C the Z message, but everyone agrees it’s much more enjoyable to watch him on both sides of the ball this season. Ryon’s childhood is speculated upon with some degree of projection by John, and the crew relives Justin Bour’s infield fly double play from the perspective of Ryon being controlled on a little controller.

32:00 - fin: Questions! Topics covered include: the new player development (some degree of egg is worn on all of our faces after reviewing our initial assessments of Brandon Brennan, also Kate gets the date of St. Patrick’s Day wrong, calling her very Irish-ness into question) and a quick review of how some of the prospects are doing in the minors; if the current success of the team might damage the rebuild; what each 2019 Mariners’ roles would be at a party; and a question that calls out John specifically. We end by trying to remember all the great Irish Mariners, and looking forward to the next homestand, when Joey Gallo will personally bully John.

Music: “Juice” by Lizzo, “Drunken Lullabies” by Flogging Molly

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