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Mariners Acquire Reliever Connor Sadzeck From Rangers

I don’t think I get this one, I’ll be honest.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners didn’t wait to at least try to address their bullpen, uh, “issues” today, striking will the iron was hot in the middle of walking 3 batters to nab recently DFA’d Connor Sadzeck from Texas. Sadzeck, a 27 year old who stands 6’7”, was expected to make the Texas bullpen out of spring, but an uneven spring and a lack of options led him to be DFA’d and Jerry pounced, as Jerry does. Sadzeck has a reputation for excellent stuff, being a fastball/slider guy, but has what you could charitably call “a few problems” locating that stuff, as his 26.4 K%, 9.8 BB%, and 62.5% Strand Rate indicate. That strand rate, incredibly, has usually been that bad for him (MLB average is 72%). Looking at Sadzeck’s profile, one is inclined to think the team sees something they can tweak in him to improve the results. I will concede they have a decent track record with this, and I hope they’re right, because...

...the return is 2018 21st round draftee RHP Grant Anderson. Anderson is admittedly not much, but he’s a sidearmer with very unpleasant stuff who struck out a ton of guys in his 13 inning pro debut (and, to be fair, walked plenty of guys too. It certainly isn’t the case that the M’s are giving up much here—but since we’re in a “stepback” season, and have multiple relievers coming back relatively soon (plus Dan Altavilla in Tacoma), giving up anything at all for a project journeyman reliever is odd. But hey, he’s 6’7” and throws in the high 90s, so let’s see what happens.

EDITED TO NOTE: I have not seen the corresponding move yet, but as John Trupin notes, it will almost certainly be shifting Sam Tuivailala to the 60-day IL.

UPDATE: It is Hunter Strickland instead headed to the 60-day IL.