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5-1: Chart

The Mariners are one Hunter Strickland Implosion from being undefeated in 2019

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
that feeling of sending Red Sox fans home unhappy
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Haha! Look at all that red in the ninth! Fun fact: that is also a picture of my stomach lining.

Another fun fact: the Mariners batters struck out 11 times this game, while the pitching staff only recorded four strikeouts, half of which belonged to Matt Festa. The pitching staff walked twice as many: Eight! Eight batters! Meanwhile the Red Sox staff walked seven. HOWEVER, C’ing the Z is not just about walks and strikeouts; it is also about working long at-bats. The Mariners forced five Red Sox pitchers to throw 175 pitches, including forcing relievers into 20+ pitch innings. Mariners pitchers, on the other hand, threw 166 total pitches with an additional inning of work. Seeing players like Ryon Healy and Dee Gordon push deeper into counts, regardless of the outcome, is certainly encouraging.

Watching the Mariners offense rack up double-digit runs: Omar Narvaez, .298 WPA

Watching the bullpen slowly give away that lead: Wade LeBlanc, -.220 WPA

Watching the 2019 bullpen: