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LL Season Predictions

Come laugh at our picks and make your own!

Cleveland Indians v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Opening Day is upon us. No more worrying about what trades the Mariners might make, or whether the sun will come out in Seattle. No. Instead, today, we just get to watch some baseball at T-Mobile Park.

And in order for you to hold us accountable — and/or just laugh at us next season — we’ve got our own season predictions here, as well as a chance to get our picks from you, the community. So take a few minutes and fill these out. I mean, you’re not getting any work done today anyway, right?

Our picks:

Note: if you’d like to see the full text of our predictions, or if the embedded sheet below isn’t working, follow this link.

Your picks:

Note: if the form below isn’t working, follow this link.