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Lookout Landing Podcast 69: a Nice Opening Day Preview

Note: amount of niceness not guaranteed

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Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
so nice we’ll do it twice
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

In a special LIVE* episode of the Lookout Landing podcast, our hosts gather together around John’s creaky dining room table to talk the Japan Series, Opening Day, and the upcoming season.

*not live

0 - 7:00: Kate and John have a brief power struggle over who gets to intro the podcast. Matthew only cares about the G&G offered at the ballpark this year, which is gin and grape Kool-Aid, for those of you not familiar. Kate isn’t happy with the exhibition games at T-Mobile feeling like they short-circuited Opening Day, and Matthew proposes a new location for exhibition games. John comes up with a plan to lay turf on an aircraft carrier to make an exhibition game, which Kate sees as an opportunity to dispose of one of her least-favorite players. The definition of “striking out the side” is discussed.

7:00 - 14:00: Japan Series talk! The trio ponders how the Angels got to swipe left on having to go to Japan, and discuss how the team we saw in Japan might be emblematic of the Mariners team we watch this season.

14:00 - 20:00: Having recently returned from two disappointing exhibition games, Kate asks if there’s anything to be concerned about in the Mariners’ anemic offensive performance. Matthew puts on his scientist lab coat and points out the effects of jet lag, while Kate and John discuss the number of plate appearances given to the Mariners’ still-shaggly farm system. Some praise is heaped upon Evan White and Kyle Lewis, including the entirely unscientific “looks like a ballplayer.”

21:00 - 30:00: Outlook for 2019. Kate and Matthew would both be happy with a 70something-win season, while John is hoping for something more in the B+ range. Cs get degrees, John. Nevertheless, the crew agrees the most important thing is seeing players like Domingo Santana, Justus Sheffield and J.P. Crawford taking a step forward.

30:00 - 40:00: Guest star Grant “Bongos” Bronsdon arrives! The newly minted foursome goes over their breakout candidates and those they’re concerned about.

41:00 - 53:30 : Questions! We talk extensions, fantasy team names, and chess?

1:02:00 - 1:17:00 : The podcast ends with some scorching predictions for the upcoming season and bandwagon choices.

Music: Begin the Begin by REM; Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire

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