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So Your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance is About to be a Senior in High School - Now What?

How you can help your child navigate this busy time successfully

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

A college-bound student’s senior year in high school can be a stressful time. Standardized tests are taken, college applications are submitted, scholarships are awarded – and that’s all in addition to regular academic workload, social engagements, sports and other extracurriculars, and sometimes a part-time job. With your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance’s junior year of high school winding down, there are steps you and your student should be taking now to ensure its senior year of high school is the exciting, fun and memorable time it should be.

Most importantly, make sure your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance knows you’re proud of it. It has beat great odds just to get here – very few most recent postseason appearances are ever in a position to pursue a college education. There are many scholarship opportunities for those who have overcome such tremendous obstacles to get to college, and it would be wise for your student to begin applying for those now.

Likewise, now is the time your student should be registering for the SAT or the ACT – waiting too late to register may mean your student can’t apply to colleges during priority application windows. This is also the ideal time for visiting colleges to get an early idea of what feels like a good fit. Your student will find there aren’t others like it on campus – a smaller school often provides a more comfortable environment for those concerned about being different. Or, on the contrary, if your student is comfortable with its unique position, a big campus could be your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance’s opportunity to shine.

Your student should take the opportunity now to ask teachers, coaches and possibly employers for letters of recommendation – surely it has impressed many with its unrelenting perseverance. This is also the time to get a jump-start on writing those admissions essays – encourage your student to highlight the adversity it has overcome to reach this point. Last year was a difficult year, likely for your whole family. For several months there, it looked as if your student’s college aspirations were doomed. However, in this difficult time your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance dug deep and found the will to keep going – use that!

No matter how self-assured and thick-skinned your student is, college exposes students to a wide variety of experiences they haven’t previously encountered. From living with a roommate to budgeting a meal plan to navigating the Greek system, its social and problem-solving skills will be tested. Anything you can do now to help your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance bolster its confidence will only help when that time comes. Encourage your student to join a new social organization, schedule-permitting. Talk to your student about how its differences make it special. Consider discussing problem-solving strategies with your student, to better prepare it to handle difficult social situations. And there will be difficult social situations. Its peers will laugh. Many will say a most recent playoff appearance shouldn’t be going to college at all. As true as you know this to be, you must show your college-bound student nothing but love and support.

The lessons you’re learning with your student throughout this process can benefit friends who will be facing the same thing in the near future. Any lessons learned that you feel are particularly valuable, why not write them down and pass them on? The Most Recent Marlins Postseason Appearance will be in this exact spot just a couple years from now.

The most important thing you can do during this crucial time in your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance’s development is to gently nudge it in the direction of a sensible career path. Your Most Recent Mariners Playoff Appearance could do very well someday as a physical therapist, or a statistician, or maybe working for the Parks Department. In fact, tell your Most Recent Mariners Playoff Appearance that becoming a fashion designer is a totally realistic ambition and should be pursued, if that’s what keeps your baby off the baseball field. Hell – encourage your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance to pursue writing, if you must – there are probably long-term financial decisions that are worst that that. What I’m trying to get at here is that after graduation your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance will meet the eligibility requirements be drafted by a major league baseball team and we simply can’t have that. God forbid your Most Recent Mariners Postseason Appearance grow up to play for the Seattle Mariners.