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3/19-20/19: OPENING DAY Game Thread


Yomiuri Giants v Seattle Mariners - Preseason Game Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Opening Day is finally here! Well, almost - first pitch isn’t for another five or so hours. An early thread gives those who won’t be staying up until the wee hours - frankly a defensible choice - a chance to congregate, and YOU GUYS IT’S A REGULAR SEASON GAME THREAD

I can’t decide if Mike Fiers or Kendall Graveman is a weirder Opening Day starter. With the exception of Jay Bruce and Edwin Encarnación flipping positions, Seattle’s lineup is identical to the one they ran out on Monday’s exhibition game, save for one Marco Gonzales toeing the rubber. We’ll almost certainly see fewer substitutions tonight, but it’s very possible that Braden Bishop could made his big league debut in this series, probably as a defensive replacement. I will be heading to the Tokyo Dome in about three hours, and it is sure to be, as the young folks say, lit.

Game Time: 2:35am (!) PDT, 6:35pm JST

TV: ESPN (man no ROOT is kind of a bummer),

Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB At Bat