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Lookout Landing Podcast 68: Tales from Spring Training, Tokyo Series Preview, and American Exceptionalism

Is there a prospect you love who wasn’t on TV? Ever wondered if Cody Mobley is down with spin rate? We’ve got you covered

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MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Yomiuri Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Kate Preusser returns from the deserts of Arizona to regale us with stories from Spring Training. Being on the ground in Peoria allowed Kate to get some fascinating behind-the-scenes looks at the team and enjoy incredible access to the young players. John and Matthew, meanwhile, have been ten toes down in America, mostly waiting for the MLB regular season and NBA playoffs to begin.

2:00 – Ice cream, nachos, and St. Patrick’s Day: a devil’s playground.

5:00 – The weirdness of the Tokyo games seem fitting for this Mariners’ season.

9:20 – What are the logistics of watching a baseball game in the middle of the night?

11:25 – What can Major League Baseball learn from Japanese baseball?

23:30 – Pay the minor leaguers, please and thank you.

26:00 – Kate reports back from her time watching the Mariners at Spring Training. Tidbits include Dylan Moore’s slim waist, the best way to say Brandon Brennan’s name, David McKay’s lowered arm slot, Matt Festa and Braden Bishop’s newfound confidence, and the Julio & Jarred Show.

40:30 – John comps Shed Long to a certain bat-waggling slugger from the 90s. The podcast trio comes to an agreement about Long’s defensive plan.

44:00 – I can comfortably guarantee that this is the only Mariners’ podcast that also mentions Johnny Gaudreau and Nate Robinson. This body-positive episode continues with an appreciation for Noelvi Marte’s massive hands, and the way Keegan McGovern stands in the box.

53:55 – Shout out to minor league pitcher Cody Mobley and pizza delivery drivers. According to Kate and catcher prospect Jake Anchia, 2018 first-round pick Logan Gilbert’s stuff looks pleasing.

1:03:00 – A listener wants to know if Julio Rodriguez is in fact our savior, launching Kate into a Shakespearean monologue.

1:13:15 – Hot takes regarding the upcoming regular season games in Japan against the Oakland Athletics. #SaintPreusser #JackCongratulations

1:21:15 – Is a Bob Dylan walk-up song ever acceptable on a baseball diamond?

Music: Dreams (Cranberries cover) by Japanese Breakfast, Hurricane by Bob Dylan

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