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You have opinions, and we want to hear them (no, really)

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow any of the SBN NFL sites, you might have seen some of those sites’ FanPulse content—a graphic representation of how fans feel about the state of their teams. For example, let’s check in with SBN’s Jacksonville Jaguars blog, Big Cat Country:

No word yet on whether or not the latest news that Blake Bortles will be released will cause that line to trend up or down. All I know is I hope “Bortles!” isn’t retired as a joke on The Good Place just yet.

There are lots of places to read about the Mariners, but what makes LL special is the discussion we have as a community: the daily engaged discourse we have about the team, either in the links posts or on the articles that appear on the site every day. We recognize, though, that not everyone feels comfortable with posting their thoughts, or some have limited time to make comments on the site. If you’re a reader, even one who doesn’t post a lot (or ever), we want you to know that your voice matters, however you choose to express it. If you’d like to weigh in on questions facing the Mariners and have your answers turned into shiny pretty graphics like the one above (Hindenburg optional), sign up for our LL FanPulse. It’s free! It’s (maybe?) fun!

We’ll also take feedback for what kinds of questions you’d like to have answered, like “is the new Mariners ballpark pass a ridiculously overpriced rip-off that indicates just how much the front office has lost touch with their loyal, long-suffering fanbase?” Wait, I’m being informed that’s just my question? And I’m not allowed to manipulate the FanPulse system to serve my own agenda? FINE. If you do participate, your answers will be anonymous, so put to rest your nightmares of waking up to find John Stanton and John Legere looming over your bed screaming about the Un-Carrier.

Seriously, though, we know that Lookout Landing readers are among the most passionate and informed Mariners fans out there, and we want your voice to address some of the big questions facing the team as we move forward from this “step back”/“don’t call it a rebuild” into what is hopefully the next great Mariners team.

We’ll publish the results of each poll here on LL, and they may also end up on, along with the results from other team sites, so start sharpening your knives for that “least favorite fanbase” question. We’re coming for you, Texas.

Ready to sign up as a Lookout Landing FanPulse participant? CLICK HERE.