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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/1/19: Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper, and Bryce Harper

Well, it took until the last day of February, but he did it.

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MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals
Sorry, I didn’t have a mugshot of him to use
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everybody! Unless you’ve been living under a baseball-shaped rock for the last 24 hours, you’ve probably heard that Bryce Harper has finally agreed to a long-term contract with the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and $330 million. There are still some big-name free agents out there (Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel) but the two major pieces are off the board. Here’s what all you need to know today.

In Mariners news...

Around the league...

  • There are a lot of mind-blowing ways to look at just how long 13 years is, but perhaps it’s not long enough.
  • Here’s Harper’s precise contract breakdown.
  • That’s an interesting obstacle the Giants had to deal with.
  • And here’s what he turned down from the Dodgers.
  • Even though the Dodgers didn’t get Harper, they got a consolation prize.
  • Wait for it...

Anders’ picks...

  • Jason Witten has left the broadcast booth to return to the field with the Cowboys, and uhh...
  • And for all of you NBA fans, here’s a cool way to see the ways in which the game has changed.