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Lookout Landing Podcast 63: A Deep Dive into the Mariners’ Infield

We three folks preview the Mariners’ infielders present and future, and learn about Salisbury steak.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

You better believe ain’t no baseball things happened, but podcasts need no stimuli. We’re here to discuss the Mariners’ infield of 2019 and beyond. The good news is it looks far better than years past. The bad news is that’s because the very good players who were there at the major league level are gone. Turns out we also disagree wildly on J.P. Crawford.

0:45: We talk about surviving #Snowmageddon, and Kate brags about Philadelphia’s snow protocol.

2:39: Matthew breaks down the concept of this podcast series, examining every position group on the Mariners. Matthew would like you to know that this idea was his.

4:15: A brief destruction of Howard Schultz’s presidential run and a ringing endorsement for Gary Payton.

6:15: We begin our trip around the infield by examining the first base position, and then try to enter Jerry Dipoto’s mind.

10:00: Everyone’s rooting for you, RyOn.

13:00: Who do you trust more with a first-base glove, EE or Vogey?

20:11: Tim Beckham, utility guy? and the the value of positional versatility.

24:50: Kyle Seager: bounce back candidate? Kate says no, but mentions Blast Motion data. John bemoans Kyle’s inability to beat shifts and the Mariners’ third base prospects.

35:33: Kate drags the White Sox’ dirty laundry across town. Matthew debuts a terrible Hawk Harrelson impression.

38:27: John questions the validity of salisbury steak.

42:00: Mariners’ catching depth and a tribute to Tuffy Gosewisch.

55:40: A requiem for Bryson Brigman and discussion of Ketel Marte, centerfielder.

63:00 A discussion of the Mariners’ potential 2021 infield and Matthew challenging Blake Griffin to a fight.

68:00: We end with wild predictions!

Music: Hot Chocolate - Everyone’s A Winner, The Mountain Goats - This Year

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