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Lookout Landing Podcast 65: Talking Starting Pitchers Old and Young, Big and Small

Is it fair to say Wade LeBlanc is human oatmeal? Please sound off in the comments

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MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast crew gathers to address the starting pitching in and around the Seattle Mariners. Marco Gonzales returns as the de facto ace, Yusei Kikuchi crosses the Pacific to inject some intrigue into the roster, and Félix Hernández fights the guillotine of time. Also, Mike Leake is here, we’re just not sure for how long.

2:00 – We start with a Manny Machado discussion, as the very rich infielder got even very-richer this week after signing with the San Diego Padres.

7:30 – Kate explains Tyson Ross’ transportation habits, and how that could have translated nicely to a stint in Seattle.

9:00 – A brief rundown of the National League, which is now rife with intrigue and fun players.

10:50 – Which American League teams have a remote shot at making the playoffs?

13:50 – We decide to actually talk about the Seattle Mariners! This week’s podcast is focused on the organization’s starting pitching.

15:35 – The Wade LeBlanc-Joe Ingles crossover content you didn’t know you needed. We also debate the utility of oatmeal and Kate accuses Matthew and John of gaslighting her.

17:25 – We celebrate the arrival of Yusei Kikuchi, who will be one of the few players on the Mariners worth paying money to watch.

18:50 – What to watch for in Marco Gonzales’ 2019 starts.

27:30 – What is Kikuchi’s ceiling in Major League Baseball?

30:05 – Matthew frames the Mariners as a wistful college student searching for their true identity.

35:50 – Kate drops a flaming conspiracy theory.

37:00 – We eulogize Félix Hernández’s run as a dominant pitcher. What will this year bring from the King?

40:00 – Envisioning post-washed Félix in a 2012 Tim Lincecum role, and some other options for the twilight of his career.

45:15 – Félix and Beltre in Zihuantanejo.

45:45 – What are we supposed to do with Mike Leake? John sees a fit in a certain coastal city. How much can Leake avoid human interaction this season?

53:30 – We all pat each other on the back for being great at podcasts.

53:55 – We move to listener questions. The first inquires about Justus Sheffield and his timeline toward stardom.

59:10 – DeJuan Blair makes an appearance for some reason?

59:40 – Are the Mariners now Team Cutter? Should any of the young guys test out a cutter? We delegate to Jake Mailhot before taking some stabs at it on our own.

1:02:40 – Hire Nick Vincent, you cowards.

1:06:50 – How will the change at catcher affect the pitchers? Will they miss Mike Z as much as the blogosphere will?

1:11:50 – The gang addresses the Martín Maldonado to Seattle rumors.

1:13:20 – John and Kate field a wide-ranging question about the starting pitchers in the minor leagues, starting with a Logan Gilbert-centric conversation.

1:18:50 – John ends with a shameless plug for Lookout Landing dot com.

1:19:40 – Join Kate in Arizona for the end of Spring Training!

Music: Pyramids by Frank Ocean, Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

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