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2/21/19: Spring Training Game #1 Open Game Thread (SEA @ OAK)

oh my gosh it’s a GAME THREAD!!!!

MLB: Seattle Mariners-Workout
this but like, for real!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s currently sunny and bright in Seattle and dumping down rain in Peoria:

But apparently at the A’s Spring Training complex in Mesa, things are a bit drier. Thanks, urban sprawl! Weird weather aside, it’s unlikely this game goes all nine, because the skies still look pretty foreboding. But who cares, because it’s baseball, fools, baseball is here again! And that means we have....lineups!

I had to post that because the font on “Athletics vs. Mariners” is setting my teeth on edge and I had to find a place to complain about it. Why is the one “s” fat and the other skinny? Why does the “M” look like it ate three of the other letters? Why is that one little “i” so faded? Everything about this infuriates me. Anyway, the A’s are running out about half of their everyday lineup, and also we’ll finally get a chance to see Jurickson Profar play, what do you mean he had 600 plate appearances for the Rangers last year, that doesn’t seem right. Also, Robbie Grossman is an Athletic now? Somehow I missed that.

For their part, the Mariners are countering with the long-awaited Marco/Polo matchup:

I honestly don’t know how many of these guys are everyday starters for the Mariners. To the casual fan, this lineup probably looks like Marco Gonzales and the Marco Gonzales Singers with featured guest, The First Base Logjam. But who cares, it’s baseball.

Sadly, today’s game is only on the radio, or MLB At-Bat, if you have that. You can also follow Gameday updates for free here if you’re not in a situation where you can be playing audio. And of course, follow along today’s thread and add your own voice to the conversation! I’m using so many exclamation marks! Baseball is back!