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FanPost Friday: Who is “your guy” on the 2019 Mariners?

Or on the farm? Lots of interesting crops a-growin’ on the farm

MLB: Seattle Mariners-Workouts
hello, new friend!
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Greetings and Happy Friday to you and yours. Hope you survived the snowpocalyse. I knew my cabin fever was kicking in hard when the images from Spring Training started trickling in the other day and I just about lost my mind. Despite everything, those first few hits of baseball still get me going and make me feel giddy like a kid. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I am officially ready for some dang baseball.

So! That brings me to the prompt. Please feel free to peruse Kate’s excellent guide to who the heck is actually on the team right now and answer the prompt accordingly:

Who is “your guy” on the 2019 Mariners?

It can be a player on the big league roster or a prospect who’s a few seasons away. Lord knows there are several eyebrow-raisers in the farm system now. Who are you pinning all your hopes and dreams on? Jarred Kelenic? Kyle Lewis? Shed Long? Erik Swanson? JULIOOOOOOO??!?!

And what about the big league additions like Mallex Smith, Jay Bruce, Domingo Santana, Edwin Encarnacíon, and our fancy new Prince of Deception, Yusei Kikuchi?

Or hey, what about the “old guard?” Mitch Haniger, Kyle Seager, Félix Hérnandez, Dee Gordon, and Wade LeBlanc all still deserve love, too.

Lots of fun players to watch this season, so who are you “ride or die” for? Submit your answer in a FanPost and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend.

Bring on the practice baseball!