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Mariners non-tender Tim Beckham and Domingo Santana

Mariners 40-man roster is currently at 38

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers
farewell, Domingo
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Today was the deadline for teams to tender offers to eligible players on their 40-man. For a complete explainer of who is eligible and how the process works, check out Tim’s article here. The Mariners non-tendered two players: one, as expected, was Tim Beckham, who still has 33 games left to serve on the eighty-game PED suspension he received last season and was projected to earn just under $3M for the season. The other, less expected, non-tender was OF Domingo Santana, projected to make somewhere between $3.75 - $4.4M this season. Apparently the Mariners floated Santana’s name in trades, but found no takers.

Santana is only 27, hit 21 homers in not even a full season last year, and had the highest hard hit rate of his career, so from the outside it seems odd a team planning to contend wouldn’t even be willing to give up a low-level fringe prospect to acquire his services. But consider that the Orioles just non-tendered Jonathan Villar, a four-win player at a premium position who is 28 years old and himself hit 24 homers last year. That suggests a sluggish trade market at best, and at worst, owners and front offices willing to wait through the non-tender deadline to pick through the free agent sale table.

For the Mariners, cutting Santana loose was probably less about the money and more about where his at-bats would come from. With Evan White (theoretically) installed at first base, Daniel Vogelbach at DH, and a glut of young outfielders coming up through the system along with a returning Mitch Haniger, there wasn’t an easy path for Santana to get playing time, especially considering his defensive limitations. A team that needs some outfield help—the Reds or Giants, if they can install him in RF, or Cleveland, who could bounce him between the outfield and DH—could be good homes for the erstwhile Mariner.

With today’s non-tender moves, the roster currently stands at 38, with one of those roster slots reserved for Carl Edwards Jr., whose signing is still not official. That means the Mariners will have at least one free slot headed into the Rule 5 draft, held on December 12, ten days from today.

Farewell, Domingo. I wish it had ended differently, but I will always remember when this bomb momentarily robbed Dave Sims and Mike Blowers of the power of speech during spring training: