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FanPost Friday: Your offseason plan(s)

What are YOU doing with your offseason?

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2009
no offseason, only swol-season
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The cold reality of having no Major League Baseball games to follow along with really set in for me in the last two weeks and it’s been so unpleasant that I’ve been desperately filling my sports fix with Los Angeles Clippers games and the laughably bad Vancouver Canucks. Seasonal Affective Disorder hits us all differently in the Northwest, okay?

There is still baseball out there to consume during the MLB offseason with the Australian Baseball League (Go Tuataras!) and the US National team is doing things, too. Those can be nice stop gaps, but for lots of folks it can be hard to get emotionally invested in another team or sport. Baseball is the best, after all, and we’ve all put our time in with the Mariners. So, depending on how you prefer to consume sports, sometimes it’s just best to do or focus on something else entirely different.

So, what is your offseason plan?

Got a stack of books you’ve been meaning to catch up on? A towering list of movies and shows to rip through? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to get into curling or something? No better time than now!

Tell us about your offseason plan or plans in a FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend. Bonus points for visuals and illustrations!

Take care everyone, for the offseason is dark and full of wild trade speculations.