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Lookout Landing Podcast 89: Mariners Prospect Gunn Omosako

the young Brazilian shares his opinions on rehabbing his shoulder injury, American food, and his favorite music

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Photo courtesy of Gunn Omosako/Instagram

0:00-12:25: Introducing outfield prospect Gunn Omosako, who is already an incredible podcaster despite recording this in his third language. Gunn (pronounced GOOHN) is from Brazil, where baseball is not very popular, so how did he end up signing a contract with the Mariners? His early success terrifies Kate and Matthew, who were not excelling as teenagers. The secret is to have good friends like Arturo Guerrero and Noelvi Marte, among others.

12:30-18:05: Weird things that white people do. The joy and emotion of non-American players is actually a big part of what drew Gunn to the game. What is a regular day for a Mariners prospect in the Dominican facility? How would Gunn describe his style of play? What MLB players does he like to watch?

18:10-33:00: Gunn explains the injury that kept him out for all of 2019. His rehab process involved a lot of reading and going to the movies by himself, which he assures us isn’t that bad. He has also found light amid the darkness of American corporate food. This improved diet is hopefully a stepping stone for a productive 2020 season, which Gunn is very excited for. A certain someone is an inspiration for Gunn and an example of what he wants to do as a ballplayer.

33:05-43:50: Getting into Gunn’s interests off the field. Here he is playing Bob Dylan on the ukulele.

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Shout out Kansas, CCR, Skynyrd, and Fleetwood Mac. Ya know, typical stuff for an 18-year-old to listen to. We mourn Gunn’s dreadlocks (which you can see in his Twitter profile picture) before asking him what he wants the fans of Seattle to know about him. The good news is that Gunn already loves the city, T-Mobile Park, and live music.

43:55-53:16: Beatles or Stones? What is Gunn listening to now? Matthew offers a divisive recommendation for this young Zeppelin fan, who just got his driver’s license! Follow Gunn on Instagram: @gunn_omosako.

Music: “Basket Case” by Green Day // “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” by Michel Teló

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