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Sporcle Friday: Best Mariner Pitchers of the 2010s

the three you’d expect and then hooooo boy

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Wade Miley is not on this list. Nate Karns is conspicuously absent. Joaquin Benoit’s silence is deafening. Same goes for J.A. Happ, Tony Zych, and Aaron Harang. Instead, we have 15 men who each secured more than 2.5 bWAR for the Mariners during the 2010s. Only three of them reached double digits. The Nationals had five pitchers this decade eclipse 17 bWAR. Only four of the Mariners on this list were drafted by the club. Of the Cardinals’ top 15 pitchers of the decade, nine were drafted by them. Seattle will enter the next decade with just one of their 15 best pitchers from the previous one. The Dodgers have seven of their best pitchers from the ‘10s under contract for next season, with the potential to re-sign Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rich Hill and bring them all the way up to nine.

See how many of these names you can pull from the deep recesses of your memory. The first person left off is David Pauley, which, ha haaaa haa HAAAAHAHAHA hah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.