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Lookout Landing Podcast 90: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Brian Floyd

two long-suffering mariner fans cope with the consequences of their decisions

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Yankees vs Mariners

Thank you to Brian Floyd of Banner Society, Seattle fandom, WSU allegiance, and now parenthood, for joining us on the podcast!

0:00-10:55: Brian ignores his kid to provide some steaming hot content for us. We start by talking about the omnipresence of baseball in Seattle during the Griffey years, and how baseball is the perfect sport to come across accidentally. The fervor around the 90s Mariners feels like the current version of the Seahawks. Is rooting for the Mariners hipster now? It takes Brian less than ten minutes to start thinking about existential crises.

11:00-23:00: Mariner fandom and WSU fandom are cousins; we all accept this now. Matthew also relates the Canó-Cruz era to edging. Be good, be bad, but never be boring. Or if you’re the Mariners, be an iceberg. Making the minor leagues a major part of your fandom, or not.

23:10-36:45: Getting meta about covering the Mariners. The season ticket holders are the bravest people on this entire space rock. How do you find something to latch on to the same way you did as a child? When will the Mariners find the pure elation of dumb luck? Brian thinks we used it all up in this one game.

36:50-46:00: How do we feel about the Nats breaking out of their ineptitude? How long until we can have some of that? Is it completely reliant on the current minor leaguers? Do we actually trust the team to figure any of this out?

46:05-57:28: Matthew isn’t totally sure about Scott Servais, but as Brian counters, does that matter? How are the vibes, though? Finally, what keeps bringing us back every season, and a fun prediction by Brian!

Music: “Junie” by Solange // “Missed the Boat” by Modest Mouse

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