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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/1/19: Mike Matheny, Wellington Castillo, and Freddie Freeman

Trade news galore!

MLB: NLDS-St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In Mariners News...

  • Here is your latest Mariners roster update:

Around the League...

  • Now that’s dedication.
  • The Royals have hired Mike Matheny as their new manager.
  • A 5-star review.
  • Bryan Price is the new Phillies pitching coach.
  • This is crazy.
  • What are the odds of that?!

Becca’s Picks...

  • Michael Porter Jr. went to my high school only a few years ago. I used to see him sitting in the bleachers at our football games and stand there, awestruck. While he was on our basketball team, they won state and every tournament possible. I never wanted to miss a game. Now, he’s getting his first NBA minutes. Congrats MPJ!