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ALDS Game 4 Open Thread, 8/7/19: Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Rays

Verlander vs a bullpen day, what could go wrong?

MLB: OCT 07 ALDS - Astros at Rays Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cardinals, Rays, and Nationals all fought off elimination to fight another day, while the Minnesota Twins succumbed to their 13th consecutive playoff elimination at the hands of the New York Yankees. The mind boggles. But, today, we’ve got the pluckiest of plucky underdogs, the Rays of Tampa freakin’ Bay, fighting for their 2019 season against the dream-crushers themselves, the Houston Astros.

Justin Verlander, known shitbird, is pitching on short rest against an opener/bullpen day combo for the Rays. To be fair, the Rays bullpen is quite good, so depending on gassed the top tier guys are, this could be a close matchup. Or it could be a complete dumpstering. Time will tell! Regardless, I hope Ji-Man Choi hits a few more dingers and the Rays force a Game 5 because those are super fun to watch without an invested rooting interest.


TV: FS1 at 4 PM PDT