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This one really is for all the dang marbles!

Astros Fans React After Game Six Of The World Series
mmmm yes, let’s see those surrender cobras, houston
Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images

We made it. The end of MLB baseball in 2019. A championship series coming down to a winner-take-all game 7 is always a special occasion, but outside of a Stanley Cup Finals game 7, I’d argue that none are more special than a World Series game 7. The road here started in February for practically all these players, and maybe even before that. Who remembers February? Not me.

So, the bat-carrying antics of game 6, which is exactly the kind of fun showmanship that MLB should revel in, bleed into the peak drama of game 7, as we are treated to a showdown between an injured, but hell bent Max Scherzer and the singular, cool-headed Zach Greinke. It doesn’t get much better than that on paper. Plus, this!

Shit is going DOWN.


Game time: 5:08 PDT on FOX