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Mariners Moose Tracks, 10/3/19: Yandy Díaz, Corey Kluber, and Boban

Big muscles and bigger humans.

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Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Rays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In Mariners News...

  • Mariners prospect Penn Murfee was sharp again in the AFL, with 4 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 7 K, and just 1 BB.
  • A spoonful of Julio helps the medicine go down.

Around the League...

  • The Rays outslugged the A’s last night to earn the honor of being the Astros supper. See our sister site DRays (D-Rays?) Bay’s recap here. For the solemn among you, here is the Athletics Nation writeup. Please be respectful if you choose to comment, as always.
  • Despite missing much of this season, Corey Kluber will have his $17.5 million option exercised by Cleveland. The club intends to decline their options for longtime players Jason Kipnis and Dan Otero.
  • The Padres? Taking a shot? On Buck?
  • Mets breakout stud and near-Mariner Jeff McNeil underwent surgery to repair a fracture in his right wrist. He’s expected to be without limitation well before Spring Training.
  • The White Sox have let go of their hitting coach, Todd Steverson.
  • Not to be outdone, the Red Sox have cut ties with assistant hitting coach Andy Barkett.
  • Despite being based on just 12 PAs, Bob Melvin can’t be too upset with how Jurickson Profar performed yesterday.
  • Jason Kendall and I both would like to be the Pirates next manager.
  • So would Mark Kotsay, apparently! It’s a great time for above-average players from the late-90s and early 2000s.
  • Continuing a banner week for Rockies ownership, the team’s owner/chairman expressed disappointment that the team’s new TV contract was “not as lucrative as [he] wanted it to be.”
  • Let’s watch Juan Soto get tackled by his dad again.
  • Major layoffs are expected at Sports Illustrated over the next 48-72 hours, which could further dramatic changes at one of the industry’s most recognizable outlets.
  • Cleveland Low-A Lake County will have a female general manager - the first time a woman has occupied that role at any level in the organization.
  • Bill Shaikin of The Los Angeles Times believes acquiring Joe Maddon would make the Angels a more attractive option for FA ace Gerrit Cole.
  • “Roll Call” is how the Braves have helped build connections between a team whose stars vary wildly in age, native language, and life path, from Jayson Stark of The Athletic.
  • Veteran RHP Julio Teheran has not made the Braves NLDS roster.
  • Tim Kawakami of The Athletic argues the best is yet to come for the Athletics.
  • Great news for a former Mariners great, less so for a former top prospect.
  • Flagging attendance is the logical and acceptable outcome of MLB’s current two-pronged economic model, argues Neil deMause of Deadspin.
  • Trevor Bauer will have his own bimonthly radio show on MLB Network starting next week.
  • Maury Brown of Forbes notes that the decline in attendance, while notable, was smaller than in previous seasons, and seems driven more by a loss of season-ticket sales and, ergo, fewer repeat attendees.
  • The Mets intend to make a decision on manager Mickey Callaway “no later than Friday”.

John’s Picks...

  • The NBA has instituted “official measurements” this year, to offer a more uniform and truthful listing. Boban Marjanovic of the Dallas Mavericks clocked in at 7’3 and 12 inch. In addition to being universally beloved around the league, here he is holding a few things, like a basketball...

...or a microphone...

...or making announcers second-guess whether that’s a softball or baseball because SURELY NOT