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Sporcle Friday: Mariners Who Wore #3

if you’re a mariners catcher or shortstop, congratulations! you get to be #3

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners

This digit represents perhaps the biggest jersey number-related questions in Mariner history. Had the prodigal shortstop from the 90s played his whole career in Seattle, the number would unquestionably be retired. But, as he played only seven seasons (28.3 percent of his career games), with the M’s, and left on not great terms, eight different players have been fitted for #3 since A-Rod’s departure.

None of the recent batch of threes have come even remotely close to matching Rodríguez’s talent or star power. This gang does, however, include an Italian squatter who was good, an underrated piece of the surprising 2007 team, and the current shortstop. There are 15 players who chose #3 as part of their Seattle Mariner baseball identity. The absolute most important part of YOUR identity, dear Lookout Landing denizen, is taking this quiz.