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Lookout Landing Podcast 84: What do we do now?

trying to think of the most bizarre way to spend my time between now and opening day 2020. maybe i’ll become a rabid winnipeg jets fan?

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Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Hey everyone. It’s October 1. Green Day wrote a song about this. “Wake me up when the rebuild ends,” or something like that. The end of the regular season means the hot stove is turned on and then immediately brought to a slow boil, podcast style.

0:00-22:00: A history making episode, as the franchise we know and love sails to uncharted water. Praise be Dylan Moore, our dung beetle champion. We were thrilled to have a season of Moore rather than a season of Rumbelow. It wasn’t all bad, folks. What happens to the other star of the Dylan Moore game? Could he be joined in Houston by a certain Nordic prince? John wonders where Joe Maddon is headed, and Kate broaches the topic of quinoa enchiladas.

22:05-37:10: bUt WhAt AbOuT tHe MiNoRs? What would the Mariners pitching dev look like in other hands? Particularly, Matthew’s hands. There would be extensive hair care and Twitter two-a-days. A weekly show of gratitude for Brodie van Wagenen and a quick bop around the league. Do not fact check anything John says about Mookie Betts playing second base. If the Mariners pass, former San Diego resident Matthew Roberson will be the Padres’ pitching coordinator slash youth influencer. While you’re here, yell at Grant Bronsdon on the world wide web.

37:20-1:02:40: If any of the rugrats are getting traded, who will it be? The first hypothetical blockbuster of the winter gets batted around. Here’s a look at the chart John was referencing.

Who’s currently expendable on the big-league and AAA rosters? Can any of them competently pitch, as in a baseball? Stay tuned for next season, though. Some Jay Bruce or Anthony Swarzak-type trades seem imminent. This offseason is being advertised as a quiet one, but we speak Jerry. Ay, y’all remember Mitch Haniger?

1:02:45-1:07:55: Wishing MLB rules were more like the NBA’s. The Kyle Seager predicament. 2020 draft eligible players who are most definitely real people. Cracking the Mariner Moose’s hard exterior. Goodbye.

Music: “Love Me” by The 1975 // “Stay High” by Brittany Howard

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