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FanPost Friday: What new features do you want to see at T-Mobile Park?

It’s happening, you’ll get used to it. So what will make T-Mobile Park more fun for you?

all i saw was magenta
photo via T-Mobile

As we slowly wrap our heads around calling Seattle’s gem of a ballpark by its new moniker, T-Mobile Park, I was wondering what would help ease the transition further for those of us who hate/fear change? Yesterday’s big pre-Spring Training press conference dropped lots of juicy tidbits regarding the big promo items for 2019 and the Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame celebration weekend, but hey, let’s get extra creative here. What else do we want to see at the park in 2019?

Prompt: What new features do you want to see at T-Mobile Park?

Giant John Legere mascot suits? Terrifying! Spelling out “Blue Jays Suck” in magenta seats all along the 300 level? God, yes. Free phone plan giveaways for every Mariners home run? Wheeee! Let’s get wild and absurd, y’all. Give me your weirdest ideas in FanPost form and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.