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Edgar Martinez/Hall of Fame Announcement Open Thread

Come gnash your teeth with us

Mariners v White Sox
Can you see the finish line, Gar?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Over 30 years ago Edgar Martinez was signed by the Mariners, a beneficiary of his talented cousin Carmelo. Today, odds willing, he will join the National Baseball Hall of Fame, joining Ken Griffey Jr. as the second player to wear the compass rose and be enshrined for eternity. Come tell your stories, gnaw your nails, and feel confident that today, finally, a hero who saved baseball in Seattle will be recognized by the baseball world, and given an honor that he will feel to be more-than-necessary and we will know is more-than-deserved.

The livestream can be watched here:

You can read a compendium of Edgar stories here:

And we will have an announcement post published immediately following the announcement, which should be delivered between 3-to-3:15 PM PT.