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FanPost Friday: What else do the 2019 Seattle Mariners need?

Jerry has been awfully busy this offseason, but what has he missed?

Jerry Dipoto #45
not sure if serious?

Welcome back to FanPost Friday! Okay, armchair GMs. Let’s hear it!

Prompt: What else do the 2019 Seattle Mariners need?

By the looks of this photo, they need some new grass! Hiyooo!

But seriously, what ROSTER needs do you still see with this team? By the time this gets published, maybe there will be another fringe infielder or outfielder added to the pile. Or maybe more relievers? The team feels a bit light in the bullpen at the moment. Like we know, this a “creative & holistic rebuild” season or whatever, but go ahead and dream a little. You want Bryce Harper? You want Manny Machado? A new mascot? Whatever you think the team needs, tell us about in a FanPost. We’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.