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FanPost Friday: What’s your walk-up music?

What gets YOU pumped up?

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
hell yeah.
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Greetings and welcome to FanPost Friday! Eww, the Yankees are in town.

This week’s prompt:

If you were a baseball player, what would be your walk-up music?

There have been many great walk-up songs used by Mariners over the years. “Hip-Hop Hooray” for Ken Griffey, Jr. “I Like to Move It” for Edgar Martinez. “Running Out of Moonlight” for Kyle Seager......okay some have been more iconic than others. Right now, my favorite might be Edwin Díaz’s intro music and post-strike pump up music. It just gets me hyped and it fits his persona extremely well.

So, what would you choose as a ballplayer? Something high energy? Something funny or cheeky? Or just something with a nice groove to get you in the zone?

This would be my normal at-bat walk-up song. Get fired up.

And I think I would like to use this for any big, high-leverage at-bats because if you’ve seen this movie, you know this song goes HARD.


As usual, please submit your answer in FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend. Please be sure to embed YouTube videos or links to your songs. Get crazy with it.

Go Mariners.