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9/27/18: Open Game Thread

Rangers at Mariners, for no marbles whatsoever

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
the gatorade bucket is time (love you, beltré)
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

A four game series with the Texas Rangers to end the season. Could have been a fairly soft landing for a team in contention. A chance to bolster its postseason chances or position against a last place team. But, no, we’re in the Bad Place and we don’t get nice, fun things. Except Mitch Haniger. He is both nice, fun, AND really good at baseball. Thanks for killing it this season, Mitch.


Oh my stars and garters, that’s back-to-back starts for Daniel freakin’ Vogelbach at first base. Hell yes. Smash a donger, Daniel. Do it for the people.

Game Time: 7:10 PM

TV: ROOT Sports NW, MLB.TV where available

Radio: ESPN 710 AM