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9/2/18: Open Game Thread

Mariners vs. A’s for the six billionth time

1990 MLB All-Star Game: Batting Practice
I would like to apologize to Cecil Fielder for cropping him out of this photo.
Photo by Steve Goldstein/Getty Images

After today, no matter what happens, our plucky Seattle Mariners don’t have to go to the Oakland Coliseum until next season. This feels like a micro-victory, because that stadium is like when your parents say you can go to the playground but end up bringing you to the McDonald’s PlayPlace.

In today’s “Sentences from 2009”, if the Mariners are to leave with an actual victory, they’ll need Félix Hernández to outduel Edwin Jackson. Every fiber of my being tells me that today’s going to be some mega weird baseball. A nice, standard 6-2 victory sounds nice, but I just don’t see that happening.

Official prediction: Mariners 13, Athletics 9.


First Pitch: 1:10 p.m. PT

TV: ROOT Sports, mlb.TV for out-of-market viewers

Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB At-Bat app