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Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/1/18: Ted Williams, Josh Donaldson, & Gio Gonzalez

Saturday morning’s all right for links

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays
gold gloves get no loves
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, good morning. Congratulations, it’s Saturday. It’s also September now. Holy shit.

I hope you rested well because today the season is more or less on the line with James Paxton on the mound. It’s in Oakland, which is not ideal, but other than that, it’s about as good of a scenario as could be wished for at this point in the season. The Mariners put up one heck of a rally last night despite falling short, so I can only hope that the team keeps that fighting spirit going through the rest of the series and beyond. If not, hey, it’s just baseball (cries into keyboard).

In Mariners news...

  • Mariners pitching prospect Scott Boches moves up to high-A:
  • Someone PLEASE go to this and report back:

Around the league...

  • Some vintage hitting advice from Ted Williams during his days as manager for the Texas Rangers. Ted was an early adopter of Team Elevate & Celebrate:
  • Josh Donaldson got traded to Cleveland and I can’t stop laughing at everything about this tweet:
  • And here’s a whole shitload more waiver deadline deals!
  • Sure, why not.
  • Huh.
  • Shoutout to Team Japan for winning the World Cup of Women’s Baseball for the (checks notes) SIXTH TIME?!?! God damn!

Eric’s pick!

  • Shameless self-promo, but WRITE A FANPOST, YA LAZY JERKS!
  • ‘Nuff said.