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8/5/18: Open Game Thread

Sorry, but, additionally, not sorry.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners
Sorry gents, this is the ideal Canadian male form.
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It’s a Sunday Sweepsmas of the absolute worst order. The Mariners have played wretched baseball in addition to a slate of horrid fortune, and they’ll have to overcome one of the mildly competent remnants of 2017 to grab a win today. Sam Gaviglio opposes Mike Leake in a reminder that somehow every pitcher was once a Cardinal. If there is any pitcher less likely to be wrapped up in the day-to-day goings-on of the struggling team, it’s Leake, which would be a boon for Seattle’s pressing squad. All Leake’s apathy will mean little unless the offense can get going.

Over the past 30 days, Seattle is 29th in MLB in non-pitcher wRC+ with a paltry 75, ahead of only the untenable Tigers (57 wRC+). The Mariners have walked less than any team in baseball, which is bad, but not insurmountable, and they continue to strike out at a very low rate. The team’s power has completely evaporated, with a .115 ISO underlining that even when Seattle has managed to get runners on with their 29th-ranked .264 BABIP, there’s been no oomph to drive those runners in. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s sapped Seattle of their exclusive agency over their playoff aspirations.

Today they’ll once again attempt to make do offensively with Andrew Romine, which is to say the team is running out an NL lineup. Guillermo Heredia also will get a start in place of Cameron Maybin in centerfield. Mike Zunino also will receive a day off, with Chris Herrmann behind the dish. Most notably, the lineup is structured slightly differently, with Denard Span at leadoff as has been frequently clamored for. It’s hard to know if Dee Gordon will reclaim the top spot when healthy, but Span’s patient style makes him a solid candidate to pace the lineup with.

Game Time: 1:10 PM PT


Radio: 710 ESPN and all these other places.

Online: MLB.TV

As an aside, have you or do you know anyone who ever streaked at an event? What possessed you/them? And why? I’ve been at three games this year with them. Two were at Safeco, one at Coors, the latter of which ended about as painfully as I could imagine: